Velo Health Gives Non-emergency Patients Patients an Easier Way to Keep up with Healthcare Appointments

Faye Lavine
3 min readJul 3, 2021

Ride-hailing services have become necessary and customers continue to increase by the day. Seasoned businessman Louis Yson thought about creating a ride-hailing startup specifically for healthcare, and he came up with Velo Health, a subsidiary of his mainstream ride-hailing startup, Ride Velo Health. As an entrepreneur of more than twenty years who has launched many successful startups and companies, creating Velo Health came about as a result of seeing a gap in non-emergency health situations that need a doctor’s attention but cannot get to the hospital or doctor’s office without help. Now, Velo Health joins a long list of startup companies across medical billing, medical provider practice management, and mortgage brokerage practice verticals that Louis Yson has been involved with over the years.

Velo Health is actively seeking funding from angel investors and interested individuals. The company is currently listed on WeFunder, where it’s raising funds to expand its services. Thanks to the reputation of its parent company, Velo Health hit the ground running and has put some distinct features in place to foster trust and reliability. It can bill Medicaid and Medicare directly, making it the only transportation platform that takes patients to and from their appointments without charging them anything. Patients get to pay less while enjoying the very best medical care they need.

Velo Health targets drivers, patients, doctors’ offices, health insurances, healthcare facilities and investors. Building Velo Health was motivated by personal experience and that experience is about helping other people avoid going through the same thing. Louis’s mother had to go for dialysis three times every week, but the only constraint was a lack of comfortable and safe transportation to and from the hospital. It was difficult for her to keep up with her appointments, and Louis resolved to do something about it once he could. Today, Velo Health has become the solution Louis’s mother didn’t have, and he’s excited to provide this solution to as many people that need it.

His goal for the company is to have a presence in every state in the United States and hopefully become a global brand. “We want people to know that a service like this exists to make their lives easier. If people know that they have access to a quick, affordable, safe, and reliable transportation that their health insurance covers, they’ll be able to keep up with their appointments and maintain an optimum state of health,” Louis says. His passion for healthcare, entrepreneurship, and creating solutions has brought this company to life and the entire healthcare sector looks forward to the changes Velo Health will bring.

Forking out another startup niche outside the mainstream ride-sharing niche is without a doubt one of the most laudable things to happen this decade. The startup world is excited to see how it plays out and if there’s a possibility for an industry to be built out of it. Velo Health is the “lab rat,” and Louis Yson is more than willing to oblige the world.

Learn more about Velo Health and Ride Velo Health on the official website.