Uplift Provisions Company, LLC Lives Up to Its Name, Uplifts Others in Need Through Hair Care

Faye Lavine
3 min readJan 20, 2021


Tyler Carlson of Haven Barber Studio

Addiction is a tough battle to overcome. It’s a struggle that Rocco Danieli knows all too well. After hitting rock bottom and experiencing a life-and-death situation, Rocco decided to find a new purpose. Hence, Uplift Provisions Company, LLC was created, reviving the entrepreneur from his broken state and simultaneously helping others through its mission.

Uplift Provisions Company is a New England-based company founded in 2018. Rocco, hailed as the master barber, intended the company to uplift others who are struggling to overcome their addiction by using a business model that gives back to the community.

What began as a venture in Rocco’s kitchen eventually bloomed into a full brand, carrying hair care and styling products with clean and simple ingredients. Together with his long-standing client and friend, Steve Presti and his wife Kelly, Rocco built a lifestyle brand that significantly impacted the industry.

Overcoming the turbulent years of his life and losing both of his sisters to drug addiction, Rocco realized that he needed to change his ways when he encountered a car accident, leaving both of his feet broken. At the same time, the master barber was losing his brother to addiction. His circumstances awakened his desire to lead a better life, gain the trust of his clients back, and take control over his own emotional and spiritual lives again.

Uplift Provisions Company became the answer Rocco needed to spark a new beginning. Today, the company has changed not only the co-founder’s life but also the lives of thousands across the country. The lifestyle brand is best recognized for its signature water-soluble products — the “Signature Pomade” offering a strong hold for styling, a “Styling Compound” combining kaolin clay and the Signature Pomade to achieve a matte, pliable look, and the “Texture Dust” that adds lift and texture.

Unlike many of its competitors, Uplift Provisions Company uses soothing scents and essential oils like peppermint and lime. Peppermint is proven to be effective in increasing circulation and stimulating hair growth. On the other hand, lime opens up the hair cuticle, reducing dandruff and increasing the hair’s natural shine.

“Uplift Provisions Company believed in unifying others. With us, you are a part of a team, a community of like-minded individuals here to support and encourage one another. Ultimately, we are all human and are chasing the same thing. We look out for one another, we leave our egos at the door, we spread uplifting motivation to others by helping people grow inside of salons and barbershops,” said Rocco.

Uplift Provisions Company carries a roster of products that deviates and challenges existing choices in the market. Rocco developed a distaste for an assortment of overpowering hair styling products that are heavily scented and frequently leave a residue on the hair and hands, so he wanted to lead the change. As he said, “Life can be hard. It’s important to inspire people to make them feel good and look good. That’s the biggest satisfaction I have in life.” Rocco is fulfilling his purpose by ensuring that the company continually uplifts others in need.

Staying true to its core values, Uplift Provisions Company hosts barber competitions to raise funds for addiction and mental health awareness. Additionally, the company has provided free haircuts to the children at Nashua Children’s Home in Nashua, NH. Kicking things off for 2021, Uplift Provisions Company is donating 1% of all sales to The Family restored, a nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting families who struggle with addiction within their members.

Learn more about Uplift Provisions Company, LLC on its website and Instagram.