Tristan Cole: The “Next Big Thing” in the Pop Melting Pot

The music industry is defined not only by the songs it creates but the stars that arise from it. Through their hard work and natural talent, icons like Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift have changed the music industry, earning the respect and admiration of both fans and musicians alike. Soon enough, the hardworking and talented Tristan Cole might just find himself among these greats, and you might just find yourself playing him on repeat in your music stream.

Tristan Cole is a songwriter, model, actor, dancer, and all-around pop sensation on the rise. Dubbed Best Male Artist by the Carolina Music Awards, Cole captivates his audience with his smooth voice, smoother dance moves, and impressive physique. His newest single, Champion, featuring Tia P. from BET’s “Next Big Thing”, is now available to stream on Spotify & Apple Music.

Giants in the music industry have recognized the star power that Tristan Cole brings to the table. Former Capitol Records’ Senior Vice President of Promotion/Marketing, David Linton, likened the rising star’ work ethic to that of a young Usher, saying to audiences, “If you don’t know the name you will. This young man from North Carolina has been paying his dues and putting down some smooth sounds.” He has also been featured in various websites, magazines, and venues, including MTV-U, The Canadian Music Festival, Top 40 Radio, New York Fashion Week, The Hype Magazine, DNA Magazine, Nashville’s Fan Fair & Douglas Corner, The NBA, Park City TV,, Black Dragon Live, Jamsphere, and The Carolina Music Festival.

As a young artist, Tristan Cole was blessed to have the opportunity to work with an industry titan like Christian ”Dio” Diodatti of Caliber Records, who has Dio has done remixes for big artists like Michael Jackson and Mary J. Blige among others. Through Diodatti, Cole found his start in a boy band called UNITED, which allowed him to work with great names like Andrea Martin (songwriter/voice coach who has worked with Whitney Houston and Mariah Cary), and Glenn Douglas Packard (choreographer who has collaborated with Britney Spears) that enabled him to hone his talent.

While the boy band project was scrapped due to the dissolve of the band, Tristan Cole used the experience as his launchpad for a solo career. Now an impressive solo artist, Tristan Cole boasts an impressive portfolio with his singles as well as his collaborations. In 2016, he was a part of “Fun”, the hit single from Jam Artis’ (Bruno Mars’ bass player) debut album, which got praise from Randy Jackson and Bruno Mars himself. He also been able to collaborate with the charity Sound Affects, and was an opener for Grammy-nominated artist J. Cole.

Through hard work and dedication, Tristan Cole has owned his natural talent, and industry icons predict that he is on his way to stardom. So what are you waiting for? Go on Spotify now, and check out “Next Big Thing” from this superstar on the rise.

To know more about Tristan Cole, you can check out his website , or his social media at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also stream Tristan Cole’s music on SoundCloud and Spotify.



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