Taylor “TJ” Nelson Rises Above Limitations to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business and Inspire Others

Faye Lavine
2 min readApr 11


From the depths of despair to the pinnacle of success, Taylor “TJ” Nelson’s story is one of incredible resilience and determination. Despite facing overwhelming health challenges, personal tragedies, and professional setbacks, Nelson built a multi-million dollar solar business and became a best-selling author for his book, Walk the Lyme, inspiring countless others along the way.

Nelson’s journey began with a series of life-altering events. He lost his brother and two best friends, battled severe Lyme disease, and spent over $160,000 on medical treatments in one year alone. But Nelson refused to let these challenges define him. Instead, he channeled his pain into action, using mental and emotional techniques, therapy, and care for his physical and mental well-being to overcome his obstacles.

Nelson’s experience in sales proved to be a vital asset in his journey. He became the number one door-to-door sales rep in the country for SolarCity, the largest residential solar company at the time, and built Direct Solar into a multi-million dollar business. Nelson’s success in sales, coupled with his determination to overcome his health challenges, makes him an inspiration for anyone struggling with similar obstacles.

Nelson’s tale of determination and victory shines as a symbol of hope for those facing challenging circumstances. With practical guidance, he uplifts individuals battling inner demons and mental or physical ailments and inspires them to reach for their dreams. As an aspiring motivational speaker, he aims to make a positive impact on those striving to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

In the words of Nelson himself, “It’s always worth it to keep going; you never know what the future might hold. If you absolutely commit to something, it is not a matter of if, but when.” His story reminds us that with the right mindset and determination, anything is possible.

The story of Nelson is a compelling source of inspiration for those facing obstacles in their lives, regardless of whether they are battling health issues or working in sales. Its practical guidance and message of hope are invaluable resources for anyone seeking to overcome their own challenges. By emulating Nelson’s example and refusing to abandon their dreams, one can find the motivation to pursue their goals and achieve success.

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