Social Media Guru-Marilyne Nix on Why Brands Should Up Their Digital Game This Holiday Season

Social media platforms are indeed some of the most powerful tools businesses can use to boost brand awareness and increase customer retention. But a substantial social media presence is not achieved overnight. Marilyne Nix, influencer and social media guru, has made it her mission to help brands grow their reach on social media. She aims to continue doing so for the fast-approaching holiday season.

Like many of her clients today, Marilyne Nix also began her social media journey as a business owner who wanted to connect with customers through the digital space. Eventually, the guru saw just how great of a potential social media has. Since then, she has been committed to helping brands elevate their presence by leveraging the greatest strengths of social media platforms.

With social media being one of the leading avenues for brands, especially amid the pandemic, Marilyne Nix amplified how crucial it is for brands to strengthen their social media strategies. The holiday season demands a robust approach to social media marketing, and Marilyne ensures that she is on top of her game. She is confident that she will be able to bring her clients five times what they expect, proving that with the right social media tools, anything is possible.

Furthermore, the social media guru amplified that with the increase of online shopping activities, and customers ordering from virtually any part of the world, brands should be prepared with a solid social media presence to address the surge in demand. “It’s going to be rough, but with me, I can make it better quickly if they bring me on quickly,” said Marilyne Nix.

The social media guru has always been passionate about helping entrepreneurs establish a community for themselves online. It all started with her passion for sharing her love for makeup with people and giving her followers a glimpse of her fabulous lifestyle. After only a year in the game, Marilyne found herself among the prestigious 2% of Instagram users with over 900,000 followers. She then realized that she has the necessary skills and expertise not only to continually scale her success but also to uplift others who might not be too well-versed with the many advantages of social media.

Hence, she founded Luxelife9, a platform for go-getter women who are also aiming to build their empire through social media, specifically on Instagram.

“Brands nowadays are seeking to work with people. Since they can target a niche audience working with influencers, their marketing budget is better spent with people that have already built a trust factor with their audience,” Marilyne Nix shared. “After figuring out how to make this on my own, I realize that so many women could benefit from my experience and knowledge. I have dedicated my life to helping them build a profitable Instagram business ever since,” the social media guru added further.

Marilyne Nix aims to expand her business in the next five years, beginning with taking on the challenge of helping more brands for the holiday season. The social media expert is also aiming to create a podcast, write a book, and launch a clothing line soon.

To learn more about Marilyne Nix, visit her website and Instagram.

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