Noble Wolf Pack NFT Releases an Instantly Rewarding Anime-based Collection

Faye Lavine
3 min readDec 2, 2021

Non-fungible tokens are somewhat muddy because they are not guaranteed to appreciate, but the space has grown exponentially recently, primarily because cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe strongly in the concept. That firm belief has birthed many NFT projects and given many creators the confidence to bring their artworks to life. As a result, Noble Wolves Pack NFT is joining the pack as not just the average NFT collection but one that offers all the perks of an NFT with some guarantee to go along with it.

Created based on an anime concept, the Noble Wolf Pack NFT collection contains ten unique NFTs called the Ultima Wolves. Each NFT in the collection has 100% distinct traits. It is a collection of 10,000 pieces, with each having over 200 hand-drawn traits. They are also limited for minting; thus, any user who successfully mints one of the Ultima Wolves will receive 1 ETH as a bonus. Creating an NFT collection with a touch of anime is not an everyday thing in the NFT space, but the creators behind the Ultima Wolves are making that happen with this collection.

The collection has an interesting storyline and roadmap. The fictional world where these wolves exist tells a story of ten wolves that got hit with most of the radiation from the asteroid. This led to a shift in their appearance, making them unique to other wolves. Most of Ultima Wolves turned around against other animals in their quest for power, with only three choosing to protect the entire animal world. The Noble Wolf Pack NFT aims to target people into crypto and NFTs.

In its roadmap, the collection has earmarked different stages of its development with milestones it has set out to achieve. These milestones include giving everyone who has a Wolf Token creative and commercial rights and inclusion in the Noble Wolf Pack community. Members of the community will also have access to airdrops and giveaways within the community and a $30,000 community grant fund to finance the community’s development and creations. Also, the founders Zare giving away a Tesla as a secret giveaway.

The creators plan to give 2.5% of the OpenSeas fees back to the community grant to make sure the Noble Wolf Pack lives long. An exclusive Noble Wolf Pack merch store is also in the works for all holders to claim a free t-shirt each. Other milestones in the roadmap include a $30,000 donation to a reputable charity chosen by the community and collaboration with other projects to give holders access to more special benefits.

The creators look forward to making the Noble Wolf Pack collection widely accepted. They have embarked on marketing activities to ensure that the NFT collection is a successful project with utility as they prepare for its launch.

Learn more about Noble Wolf Pack NFT on the collection’s official website. Also, follow the social media pages on Instagram, Twitter and Discord for regular updates.