Music Beyond Self-Expression: Anthony Mignogna

Creativity can be shown in various means and even in the most unlikely ways. It can be in the form of dancing, spoken poetry, painting, or fashion. But expressing one’s self in the guise of writing songs and making music has arguably been the most prevalent of them all. From keys of wallowing despair to high-pitched notes of happiness, music not only boasts of self-expression but also exudes the realities of life in musical timbres.

From the first draft he wrote, down to the latest song he released on numerous streaming platforms, Anthony Mignogna, otherwise known as Antidote, has been known as an artist who uses his songs to tell chapters of his inspiring stories of tranquility and pandemonium.

Hailing from the hustle-and-bustle of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Antidote graced the clamor of the big city with his imperturbable sound. And as someone passionate in everything he does, music has become a window to Antidote’s soul and a door to his thoughts. Simply put, his sound is a profound reflection of who Antidote is as a family, a friend, and a stranger.

However, Antidote did not realize the depth of his potential in the music industry until he grew out of his athletic identity. As a child with an active lifestyle, Antidote participated in almost every sport back when he was still at the peak of his youthful years. Versatile as he was, Antidote played football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and ice or roller hockey. But everything went down south when he started to lose hold of his concentration. With the drama that follows the intricacies of winning and losing in sports, it took a massive toll on his performance in school.

Taking a cue from his nearly failing marks, Antidote knew that if he pursued college, things would turn out for the worse. Because he was aware that his interests in life lie elsewhere, he would have eventually dropped out of college, leaving him and his family with an insurmountable amount of debt.

But instead of treading the journey of life lost and afraid and with nothing to turn to, he went to the streets and made money out of his newfound love for music. And in this circumstance, he found his niche and set out to become one of the most notable independent artists across the globe.

Having conquered the complexities of life, he expresses himself and his stories through his songs while portraying an immense level of versatility. To Antidote, telling stories through music should not be confined in one category. As multifaceted as his life can be, so should his sound. That is why, as an artist, Antidote explores the areas of rap, hip hop, trap music, R&B, pop, rock, and underground to unleash snippets of his life beyond the barriers of specific genres.

But aside from his sterling image in the music industry, Antidote loves to share his experiences through other things creatively. Recently, he has launched his new brand called “ihatepeople” that is set to radiate confidence and happiness for people to enjoy.

As someone who is deeply dedicated to his craft, Antidote hopes to encourage everyone to express themselves and to come out of their shells through his inspiring anecdotes.

Learn more about Antidote by following his social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram. You may also listen to his songs on SoundCloud and Spotify.



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