Mosunmola Michael Creates Real-Time Entrance Exam Simulator and Changes the Tutoring Landscape with Excel Mind

Faye Lavine
3 min readDec 12, 2022

The average student spends around 10 to 13 hours studying per week. But despite how much time is spent studying, all of that effort goes to waste when they go about it in an ineffective way. That is why a significant amount of time and effort has been put into devising effective study methods and techniques such as mind-mapping, color-coding notes, and even using mnemonics. Mosunmola Michael, founder and creator of the revolutionary work that is Excel Mind, knows the exact struggles of the process — especially the high-pressure experience of having to struggle for entrance exams. Which is exactly why she has created a platform that helps ease the burdens of students.

Excel Mind is a company that provides tutoring and test preparation services for students that are striving for success in their exams. The highlight of the organization is its easy-to-take real-time exam simulator which can be conveniently accessed through its web platform. “Excel Mind allows students to experience what it’s like to take a university entrance examination, providing them with valuable practice and helping them build confidence for their actual exams,” Mosunmola explained. Apart from this nifty test simulator, Excel Mind is made up of a plethora of committed, experienced educators who are all working towards one goal. “[Our] tutors are dedicated to helping students succeed, and we offer personalized study plans and tailored instruction to meet the individual needs of each student,” she adds.

As a distinguished graduate from the Tai Solarin University of Education who has accumulated years worth of experience and background in teaching, tutoring, and mentoring, Mosunmola founded the beginnings of Excel Mind with her burning passion for helping. Wanting to aid students in their journey towards academic success has always been a cause she has never shied away from. Before the company’s establishment, she had already helped thousands of students prepare for both local and international examinations. The step up towards making a platform that was all-accessible was but the culmination of her journey of lending a helping hand to those struggling academically.

It would be safe to say that the inspired idea of Excel Mind is only the success it is today because of Mosunmola’s strong belief that students should get to experience success no matter how unique their challenges are.

With each student differing in their learning type, study habits, and overall capacity, Excel Mind hopes to break the barriers to learning with its customized set of study plans and exam-simulation platform. Since it gives students a little taste of what is to come, the process eases entrance takers’ anxieties by giving them a real experience of what to expect at the end of their studying journey.

After all, just because other people have handicaps in their learning does not mean they do not deserve a shot at success or an opportunity for betterment. With Excel Mind, such chances are available and given. Their game-changing services help those at a disadvantage by equipping them with the knowledge and tools that it takes to start the race toward academic accomplishment on equal footing.