Lash Shay Vu Artificial Lashes Help Create Showstopping Looks

Faye Lavine
3 min readDec 22, 2022

People always say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Looking into someone’s eyes can often show how they feel or what they are thinking. Eyes are also one of the first features others notice when speaking with another person. Because of how significant they can be, a lot of people like enhancing their eyes through intricate makeup and stunning artificial lashes. Shay LàVu, founder and CEO of Lash Shay Vu, started a company that provides high-quality artificial eyelashes to individuals who want to enhance their natural beauty or express their style. With lashes from Lash Shay Vu, everyone can perfect their glamorous looks.

Lash Shay Vu is a beauty company that provides high-quality artificial eyelashes at an affordable price point. CEO and founder Shay LàVu believes that beauty is for everyone and that anyone should be able to experiment with different styles and looks. This is why her brand offers several different types of artificial eyelashes. Lash Shay Vu lashes come in natural mink, synthetic, or magnetic. The brand also has styles that cater to various eye shapes so that everyone can find their perfect match. Clients can pick and collect their favorite styles and go from natural-looking lashes during the day to a more dramatic eye look for a fun night out.

“My brand caters to everyone, from people who go about their daily lives and want to add a little sparkle to their look to those who love to experiment with makeup and fashion,” Shay LàVu explained. Lash Shay Vu is a one-stop shop for all things lashes. In fact, the brand also offers lash glue in different colors, lash applicators, tweezers, and scissors.

Shay LàVu wanted all her products to be safe for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin. With that goal in mind, she collaborated with leading ophthalmologist, Dr. Elizabeth Chiang, M.D., Ph.D., as she developed her line of artificial eyelashes. “Everyone who buys lashes from Lash Shay Vu is guaranteed to receive top quality lashes that have been vetted and tested,” the brand founder said.

Shay LàVu got into the beauty industry because of her career as a model and actress. Her line of work meant that she had constantly been in the public eye, so she learned how to do her own hair and makeup perfectly. Fashion and style were also important factors she considered when she found the best way to present herself. But later on, Shay realized that the details made all the difference. “Wearing artificial eyelashes made my eyes pop and jazzed me up. And I love how wearing thicker or longer lashes could change the way I looked,” Shay explained. In addition, having worked with several makeup artists for years, Shay wanted to wear lashes that were comfortable, reasonably priced, and easy to apply. Knowing full well that other beauty and makeup enthusiasts like her have their own preferences, Shay established her own brand that not only reflects what she wants her lashes to be but also how other people want theirs.

The eyes are a prominent feature that defines a person, and in experimenting with makeup and accessories, they stand out even more. With high-quality artificial lashes from LashShayVu, it is easy to experiment with different styles and create versatile looks perfect for any event or occasion.