Jay Ernest Continues the Legacy of Johnny Cash Through Remarkable Tribute Show Band Church of Cash

Faye Lavine
3 min readDec 8, 2021

Many people have someone they look up to and idolize, such as actors and artists. While the majority of fans are content in admiring these celebrities from afar, Jay Ernest has decided to actively contribute to continuing the legacy of his idol through the Church of Cash, Johnny Cash tribute show band.

Jay Ernest formed the awe-inspiring group in 2010 when he was still living in Honolulu, Hawaii. A year later, he moved to Minneapolis, where the band continued growing and flourishing.

The Church of Cash is known for being an instrumental force in keeping the iconic musician’s legacy alive. It performs various shows in the United States, from Denver to New York, and even tours to Europe.

One significant factor that makes the group successful is the unrivaled musical prowess of frontman Jay Ernest. His robust and room-engulfing pipes effectively immortalize the revered Man in Black.

The music of Johnny Cash has always been a constant in the remarkable fan’s life. He had fond memories of his father singing Johnny Cash’s songs to him as they worked on the farm and around the kitchen table.

He also recalled, “I have been singing since I was very young. I hit puberty about a year ahead of my classmates, and when we would sing in the choir, the choir director immediately knew it was me.”

He added, “As a farm boy in rural Minnesota, I baled hay and did farm chores to make money to afford my first guitar at age 13. I loved the sounds of a choir and the booming bass voice of Johnny Cash. I also loved Van Halen and played guitar as much as possible. It didn’t take long for me to realize that music is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

The gifted individual’s relentless dedication to his craft and the Church of Cash makes the gifted individual stand out. Unlike others who see their cover bands as easy money stepping stones, the incredible musician embodies the true artistic spirit of the man he reveres every time he’s in front of a microphone. As such, Jay Ernest and the Church of Cash have dedicated their lives to making a living in the entertainment business.

In addition to that, the band is also taking steps toward adapting to new technology. With the advent of social media, they are working hard to bring their music both to people who come to their shows and those scrolling through reels.

These things combined have solidified the band’s reputation as one of the world’s best tribute show bands. However, they still have many goals to accomplish, and one of those is to play a tribute show for the family of Johnny Cash.

Currently, the group is on tour in Europe, where they bring happiness and joy to the audience through the timeless music of Johnny Cash. Moving forward, they wish to continue touring and reach the West Coast of the United States, Australia, and further into the European Union.

Aside from that, they plan on doing a recording at the original Sun Studio where Johnny Cash recorded his first hits. In addition, the group is also gearing towards a social media push to reach new fans through campaigns on Spotify and Instagram.

To know more about Jay Ernest’s band Church of Cash, visit its official website and Instagram.