Driving In Style With the Finest Exotic Cars From Gee Rentals

Faye Lavine
3 min readNov 16, 2022

Going around the city in style can be one of the best experiences of a lifetime. But owning exotic and luxury cars may not be accessible for everyone. The next best thing? Renting one’s dream car for a day or a week through Gee Rentals. With a diverse roster of luxury cars in their arsenal, car enthusiasts can try out their favorite rides without spending a hefty amount of money.

Special occasions call for unique rides to make the day more memorable. Sports cars, exotic automobiles, and luxury vehicles can add that extra sparkle to that important day. Gee Rentals can make those exotic car dreams come true without costing a fortune. By availing of their car rental services, individuals get to experience riding around the city in a beautiful luxury car. Feeling like royalty on the road has never been this accessible.

With its services available in three locations, including New York, Miami, and New Jersey, Gee Rentals offers daily and weekly rental rates for their exotic cars. Car enthusiasts can choose from a variety of makes and models, such as Lamborghini Urus, Ferrari, Maclaren, Chevrolet Corvette, Tesla Model Y, Porsche, and BMW, to name a few. For fans of cars and stylish driving, Gee Rentals is a great way to fulfill their fantasies.

Since the company began operations three years ago, Gee Rentals has become one of the top names in the luxury and exotic car rental industry. Established by entrepreneur and fellow car enthusiast Gabriel Ruiz, Gee Rentals is now the go-to exotic car rental company for several A-list celebrities, musicians, and top-performing influencers.

Gabriel Ruiz started Gee Rentals because of his passion for exotic luxury cars. “I’m a little bit of a car nut myself. I love the sleek designs paired with powerful engines. Driving these types of exotic cars made me feel powerful, like I was on top of the world,” Gabriel shared. He further explained that he started out by renting cars himself. After seeing how much it cost him to pay the hefty rental fees, he saw an opportunity to build a lucrative business for himself and his family’s future. “Renting cars cost me a lot of money. So, I decided, why not start my own rental car business? And that is exactly what I did. I bought a few cars, started an LLC, and rented out these beautiful cars. I get to pay the bills while also getting the opportunity to drive my dream cars. It’s a win-win situation for me,” Gabriel said.

Putting client care and satisfaction as its top priority, Gee Rentals offers its clients the luxury experience whenever they board their coveted vehicles. It also keeps its fleets well-maintained to give passengers safe, smooth and hassle-free rides.

“I feel like a rockstar whenever I drive an exotic car. And I want my clients at Gee Rentals to feel the same way whenever they rent a sweet ride from us. So I provide them only the best,” Gabriel said. Get in touch with Gee Rentals through their social media page and drive the best exotic cars in New York, New Jersey, and Miami.