DJ Chris Angel: On Rising Above Adversities and Achieving Success

Severe social anxiety and depression are debilitating mental disorders that can severely affect a person’s day-to-day life, even more so for those who are constantly under the spotlight. However, one awe-inspiring individual was able to impressively overcome these conditions and pursue his passion for music, DJ Chris Angel.

Born Christian Younan, the talented disc jockey is making waves in the music industry for his one-of-a-kind sound and electrifying beats. He has a unique style that is a combination of all his favorite genres. Not only that, but he also expertly keeps fans and listeners on their toes by creating diverse tracks and delivering something new every time.

But aside from his innate musical prowess, what helped DJ Chris Angel accomplish immense success is his extraordinary life story and journey. The musician had quite a rough childhood, and he even shared that he was forced to grow up at a young age. First, at 14 years old, the teen started working by watering the plants for a coffee shop. Then, when he was 16, he juggled two jobs while being a high school student.

These struggles made him realize early on that his circumstances have to change and that he must do everything it takes to become successful. He had always been passionate about music, and so he started saving some money to purchase music equipment and old records so he could begin scratching. The young dreamer even passed up on football practices so that he could work on his music.

However, DJ Chris Angel’s career suffered a setback after leaving the military to pursue music full-time. He started experiencing severe social anxiety and depression, and as the remarkable musician recalled, “It ruined my ability to be in large crowds of people, which affected my music performances.”

Nevertheless, the admirable disc jockey persevered and persisted. Eventually, he was able to conquer his conditions, and now he has become one of the most sought-after DJs. In addition, he has amassed a massive following from music festival-goers, electronic fans to bass music fans.

On top of his superb creations and exceptional work ethic, another reason for the gifted disc jockey’s thriving career is his excellent relationship with his fans and supporters. In fact, when asked what keeps him going, the insightful young man quickly replied, “Honestly, the fans do. The fact that they constantly want to hear new tracks inspires me to create more. Even going as far as making a track based on one of my fan’s names.”

In the foreseeable future, DJ Chris Angel plans to scale his career further. He sees himself becoming a famous mainstream DJ and a household name. Furthermore, he hopes to collaborate with other elite musicians and artists, especially those he looks up to.

Music lovers worldwide should be on the lookout for the up-and-coming musical prodigy as he continues to rise to the top of the industry.


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