Cornell Bunting Comes Out with Inspirational Action Thriller, “The Bellman”

Faye Lavine
3 min readDec 12, 2020

In times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, people try to adapt and navigate drastic lifestyle changes. This 2020, people stayed inside their homes due to the implemented lockdown measures, and that has resulted in a rise in how people consume media, especially literary forms such as books. As such, new books such as The Bellman keep arising.

The Bellman is written by Cornell Bunting, who is a motivational speaker. Cornell Bunting has always had a gift with words, and through his written pieces, he connects with audiences from different ages and places. The power of his writing entertains and inspires children and adults alike.

Bunting’s most well-known children’s book, called Lion with no Roar: Finding his Calling, mirrors his life, which mostly tells a story about love, betrayal, and redemption. This time around, The Bellman talks deeply about how real deception can exist in the real world. It is a book that tackles betrayal and lies, which focuses on what is happening globally. The Bellman is an action thriller that is meant for young adults.

Most of Bunting’s works are from his life experiences, inspired by his own harrowing story of survival, inspiration, and motivation. One of the essential experiences that led Bunting to create reports like this one is how he was framed and spent months in jail for a crime he did not commit. Furthermore, he was pronounced clinically dead for sixteen minutes and then was brought back to life. Spreading inspiration has become his life passion as he wants to touch other people’s lives.

Bunting was faced with sixteen charges of conspiracy, extortion, kidnapping, and possible murder in 2013. He was a CEO of a security firm at that time, and all his hard work went down the drain. He finally won his fight at court when the witness made testimony about how he was forced to bear false accusations against Bunting. While in jail, Bunting got in touch with writing and has since authored four books.

His life tribulations did not stop there, since he experienced a cardiac arrest while attending church service. With over 5,000 people as witnesses, he was proclaimed dead by medical experts. However, he suddenly came back to life. Cornell Bunting regarded his second chance at life as a blessing, and he vowed to spread light and love to others.

The Fort Myers resident continued to write stories. At present, he has authored over 30 books, and his writing life is not going to stop any time soon. Cornell focused on writing children’s stories and young adult books to impart valuable life lessons to the youth. His goal is to be in every school through his written works and to continue giving motivational messages.

Cornell Bunting is indeed a person of formidable strength and courage. The trials and tribulations in his life did not stop him from achieving more important things. He also appreciates life and makes sure to do good things, a trait that is somehow negligible in today’s youth. Through his works like The Bellman, he wishes to pass on the torch of wisdom to the younger generation.

Check out his new book on his official website.